28.09.2009, Monday, Windy. I had go to the Ray saloon with my friends, Loon and Nathan to the Ray saloon which were located at the Travilion, Kuching to cut our hair.

When we reached there, Loon is the first one who is cutting his hair. Then it's me. The shampoo boy who helped me to wash my hair is really a super cool guy. He had a great long hair with style and in the RED colour. He is a really charming shampoo boy. Any girls that interested with him can go over there and take a peek^^

Then after he washed my hair, i just went back to my seat and wait for my turn to cut my hair.

The hairstylish who cut my hair was named Pattern. He is also a very charming hair stylish. He had a middle long hair in the light brown colour and he had the greatest hand that i ever saw til now. He cut my hair slowly but not too slow. And also very nicely. We had a small talk in between. something about our pass on how we met and bla bla bla. I am quite enjoyed actually at that moment when he cutting my hair. But my face was keep showing that i am so stress and nervous. I am also dont know why.

Then is Nathan's turn to cut his hair.

At the first time, he was insisted not to cut his hair. He wanted to grow a longer hair. But after Loon talk o him, he finally agreed. Loon is a very nice and good minded guy. He knew how to talk to someone well when he was really serious. But this was not included when he "suan" other people. Hahaha...

After we were finished cutting our hair, all of us were quite happy for owning the new hair style. Or maybe not too happy (refer to Nathan: Coz he scare that his DotA will become more NOOB when he had a shorter hair) and then we go to "lim teh".


I likes my short hair and i misses my long hair too. But everything will be passing over and we must dare to try the new things in our life. I believes that i will have a nice hair just likes; either the shampoo boy or Pattern. And i am also believe that my short hair will bringing me more lucks than before. So wish me lucksss !!!

Enter-K was located at the Crown Towel Upper Floor (3rd floor... maybe). It is a very nice and beautiful place to sing karaoke. Me and my friends had a lots of fun at there. We had sang a lots of song, we also dance and we were having a great great night at there. If i got chances to gather like this in the future again, Enter-K will be on my top list of the places to go. Wish all of my friends happy and stay safe for forever.

暧昧, 暧昧, 暧昧...






















暧昧... 是一扇门,你可以停留在门外,也可以踏进房子里面。然后你不可以停留在门下面。门... 永不是终点站。


6th September 2009 is my birthday. Today, my friends had brought me to The Vogue cafe to celebrate my birthday. They had prepared a lots of surprise for me.

Picture 1: This is my birthday cake. My friends knew that i likes the model of Sony ericson K770i very much. So, they had bought the cake that special design for me. I loves it so much and i am appreciate to have it.

Picture 2,3&4: They had covering my eyes because they wants to give me the surprise about the cake that they had prepared for me. At first, they had asked me to sit on the chair. Then they had covered my eyes. After that, they had put the cake in front of me. I am really surprised when i saw the cake. It is really cute and nice. A whole new brand of Sony Ericson handphone at in front of me, which is also just for me only. I am so happy to get the cake that they had prepared for me. Hehehehe^^

Picture 5: It's my time to make the wishes. I am wishing that first, all the people that around me could be in a very healthy, safe and happy life for forever. Second, i am wishing that all the people around me could have the best future in their life and could earns a lots of money, now or future. For the third one, i will always keep it in my heart. Because this wish is the wish that i will wishing in front of my birthday cake for my every birthday. And i hope all of my wishes could come true. I loves you all, my friends.

Picture 6: In this picture, I am blewing my birthday cake's candles. My face is a bit funny if you looks at this picture seriously. Hohoho!!!

Picture 7: From this picture, i am just only trying to make the pose of "PEACE" in front of my birthday cake. Hehehehe^^ By the way, I am so happy today. And i am a bit crazy too in this day. But i will not being stingy with my smile to all of my friends ooooh!!!

Picture 8: The group of girls with me's picture; The 7 Beauties ( From left to right; Leng Wee Ing, Sharon Chong, Kong Siew Yien, Linda Soo, May, Joyce and Lilian) and The Handsome ( which is actually is The Beast). Wakakaka^^

Picture 9&10: This is the group picture that i had took with all of my friends who had attending my birthday party. I so happy to know them and i likes them so much. Kekekeke^^ There are Wee Ing, Siew Yien, Lilian, Sharon, Linda, Aaron, Bo Hock, May, Li Chuan, Ah Kiet, Joyce, Martin, Alex, Jason and Elbert. Hehehehe. They will be my best best best friend for forever. I am so happy to have them and i hope to have them as my best friend for forever.

My friends, all of you will be in my heart for forever. I wish you all to have the best and wonderful life, now and future.

1st September is the birthday of Joyce and Elbert. All of us were going to the Enter-K to celebrate their birthday. We had a lots of fun at there. We had sang a lots of song together. At this day, Elbert got a little bit drunk. It is quite funny to see his drunkie red face. He is also walking just like an old man when he was taking the picture with us (Picture 1). Hahaha.. And Joyce is so pretty on this special day too (Picture 2 & 3). I wish Joyce and Elbert could be happy for forever and they could be very sucessful in their future. I am also hoping that we can be together just like today for forever.

Today I had going to the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) with my friend. Both of us had ordered one set of dinner plate with hot and spicy flavor. It had been one month and two weeks I havent ate the KFC. It feels likes a baby drop into a candy world. Actually I loves to eat KFC because of my parent. They had always brought me and my sisters and the younger brother to eat at KFC when we were at a very young age. When i entering into KFC, i feels like home. I feels warm and happy. Thats why the KFC will always be on my top list for my every meals. I loves KFC very much. YUMMY!!!


I am a fine person. Not too cool, loves to joke and sensual/sensitive guy.